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Real world Vehicle Routing Problems

Name Customers Vehicles Depots Download Description
All the files are compressed using with gzip algorithm. You can use WinRAR to decompress the file on Windows.

Our instances can be downloaded in three formats:
  • XML file: structured text file formatted using the extensible markup language XML. You can use the free XML editor XMLMarker on Windows platforms.
  • Simple text file: a flat file where the data is represented as tables, separated in a few sections. For large instances, you can use ConTEXT instead of Notepad.
  • Excel file: a spreadsheet that can be read with Excel or OpenOffice.
  • TSP: traveling salesman problem
  • VRP: vehicle routing problem
  • CVRP: capacitated vehicle routing problem
  • VRPTW: vehicle routing problem with time windows
  • CVRPTW: capacitated vehicle routing problem with time windows
  • MDVRP: multidepot vehicle routing problem
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